Logic Pro X Detailed Review

By | August 29, 2020

In terms of electronic music production, apple is achieving greater heights. Long before the company purchased Emagic, Logic emerged as one of the best music creation software. It was a combination of C-Lab’s late 1980s programs creator and also, notator on the Atari ST. Well, with each upgrade and with today’s technologies, Logic Pro X offers some fantastic audio editing at a reasonable price for works such as multitrack recording, film scoring and even different sound designs. One of the biggest competitors of logix pro x in the market at the moment is Garageband. You can also now run garageband on your windows system via different methods.

System Requirements

First of all, let us directly jump to the system requirements for this software so that you can see if the software is compatible with your machine or not.

  • Recommended System Requirements

MacOS 10.14.6 or newer, 6 GB minimum space for installation or a 72 GB of storage for full sound library installation.

  • Logic Remote System Requirements

iOS 13.1 or later, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch.

There is different software for Computers and the other type of application for smartphones. Although the interface and some features might differ in both variety of programs, the necessary designing and concept remain the same whatsoever. For instance, the smart controls, sound library navigation, quick help, full mixer and access to plugin controls are available only on the iPad.


Now, let us talk about the detailed features and the functions that make this software stand against all others in the same race.

  • Live Loops

Live Loops is a dynamic way to create, arrange and design music in real-time. You can create a free music track just by adding loops, samples and even record the performances in grids of cells. The best part about this feature is that you can trigger different cells in the order you prefer to make a stunning soundtrack. This feature also includes the Remix FX which helps the developer or the composer to add DJ effects in the soundtrack such as some small clips or even a collection of stutters, echoes, filters and even some gating effects. Not just this, but Logic Pro also supports Logic Remote. This means that you can control features such as live loops, and even Remix FX only from your iPad or even from your iPhone, including the functions of Multitouch gestures.

  • Step Sequencer

This feature resembles that of classic drum machines and synthesizers. Well, using the step sequencer, you can quickly create drum beats, bass lines, melodic parts and what more, can even automate your plugins. With this feature on your software, no one can stop you from making a piece of stunning music. This feature of Logic Pro X includes variations of patterns and designs you can add in your music. You can also use notes to create rolling steps, and you can also tie actions together to create an all-new longer note.

  • Logic Remote

Well, so far, this is the best feature you can get in any software. Computers are massive machines, which cannot be taken everywhere you go. To get over this drawback, came the machine named laptop. You can take them anywhere you go. But well, sometimes even a light weighted laptop seems to be a burden. And so, to get over this, Logic Pro X presents its user with a feature named Logic Remote. With this feature, you never would have to worry about having your computer or your laptop with you at all times. You can use your iPad, or even your iPhone to remotely from anywhere in the room. Well, all you have to do is a swipe, and you can play any grid, any loop and any track as you wish. You can even modify them as per you want.

Pros and Cons

Logic Pro X, being an excellent software, still faces a huge competition with other rivals such as DAWs. This makes the developers adding a wealth of empowering features and systems. This also includes grid-based clip launching and even an embarrassment of sampling riches. So well, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this software which will make you understand better about it.

  • Pros
    • Includes Live Loops nail which beats the non-linear Nail in DAW workflow.
    • The step sequence is a high plus point for this software
    • The sampler used in this software is an excellent replacement for EXS24. There is also an additional feature to use a quick sampler for easy and fast tasking.
    • Includes Drum Synth and also Drum machines which motivates the music composer to reach greater heights in terms of composing.
    • Also includes an autosampler to reduce your work effort.
  • Cons
    • The inclusion of brass neck can create problems at times for some users.
    • Although the quick sampler is an excellent feature, it only includes four mod matrix slots.
    • Installing some of the third-party plugins can sometimes create problems.

Final Verdict

There is much software which is used in music industries for designing music in concerts, music videos, audio music, movies, shows and many more. Well, every software is made to serve a different purpose. But well, the primary motive of all this software is the same. Composing music has proven to be a great deal of struggle, especially when video editing is taken into consideration. And so, it indeed is of great importance to choose a good editing software.

So well, if you are on the internet looking for the best music editing software that comes on a reasonable price for your Macintosh, why not leap and give Logic Pro X a shot.